Pisa (Italy).Monumental Cemetery

The Piazza dei Miracoli , in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, recognized as an important center of European medieval art and one of the finest architectural complexes in the world. The square is dominated by four great religious edifices: the Pisa Cathedral, the Pisa Baptistry, the Campanile, and the Monumental Cemetery founded in 1277.The structure of the Cemetery represents an oblong cloister in flowery “Gothic” style, with the aim of accommodating the sarcophagi from the Roman period, which until then were scattered around the Cathedral and reused as illustrious Pisans’ burials. The building had to be a “large and decent, secluded and closed”; the result is one of the oldest medieval Christian architectures, destined to cult of the dead.In 1987, the whole square was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.http://www.leaningtower-ofpisa.com/monumental-cemetery-of-pisa/Photo © Daniela Serra 2016 – All Rights Reserved

Source: Pisa (Italy).Monumental Cemetery


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