Sardinia (Italy).Archeology

Photo © Daniela Serra 2016 – All Rights Reserved-     .Among its wonders, Sardinia (Italy) offers the visitor the Nuragic complexes scattered all over the territory. These monuments are unique to the world, testifying to an ancient culture that – though it endured from the 16th to 15th Centuries B.C. still rains rather mysterious. The Nuragic constructions were built using great blocks of stone and developed around a central cone-shaped tower that communicates strength and power. These are archaeological sites where it is possible to grasp the archaic charm of ancient rituals and domestic life.The nuraghe Arrubiu rises on a basaltic plateau in the Sarcidano plain,in the territory of Orroli, dominating the Flumendosa river. It was called “the red giant” because is the biggest nuraghe of the island and is characterised by the presence of red lichens. The nuraghe Arrubiu, which dates back to the 14th century BC, was abandoned in the 10th- 8th century BC because of the destruction of the upper part of the bastion. Wikipedia)

Source: Sardinia (Italy).Archeology


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